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THE LEE COUNTY YOUTH DEVELOPMENT CENTER (LCYDC) is a private, non-profit (501 c3) agency which has been serving the needs of those who are most vulnerable among us for more than forty years. Founded in 1973 by two tireless committed community leaders- the late Mrs. Jane C. Walker and the late Mrs. Cecil D. Moremand- this agency began operating in response to a growing need for residential care services for children and adolescents who were abused, neglected and dependent. During the past four decades, LCYDC has expanded our scope of service to include preventative outreach care, community-based interventions and home based therapeutic foster care programming.

The main campus of the agency is located on 18 acres in Opelika, Alabama, on property donated by the George King Family. Campus Residential programs include Correctional and Transitional Service Programs, The Chanticleer Learning Center, Outreach Services, The Psychological Services Clinic and Central Administration.

Off-site satellite locations include the Project Uplift office which is located on the campus of Auburn University, our Transitional Living Home, and our Independent Living Apartments.

As the only social service agency providing a comprehensive continuum of care for youth and families in this region of the state, Lee County Youth Development Center strives to maintain the highest standards of quality care, innovative prevention and treatment programming, and a team of qualified, motivated and committed employees. The agency employs a staff of approximately 200 full-time and part-time employees and additional contracted professional staff.

LCYDC is governed by a highly committed board of directors. Our directors and advisors represent a broad spectrum of diverse community specialities and interests with a central focus to establish policies which are in the very best interests of children, families, and our agency. The agency's management team implements board policy while remaining attune to emerging human service practices and the evolving needs of clients, referring workers and agency partners.

It is our priviledge to serve and to improve the human condition one child, one family, and one situation at a time.

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Our Mission Statement:

A place for change...
Working together,
Offering rays of hope for children and families...
Strengthening our community.

Our Core Values:

Building and valuing a committed, compassionate and enthusiastic team.

Honoring tradition while inviting and embracing diversity, change and growth.

Providing a comprehensive range of service designed to improve the quality of life for children, families and our community.

Our Ethics:

The Lee County Youth Development Center supports, affirms, and expects all agents of LCYDC to adhere to the principles outlined in the National Assocation of Homes for Children's Code of Ethics which reads as follows:

We will protect children in our care from abuse or maltreatment, experimentation, economic exploitation, malnutrition and unsafe environments; and shall bring to account adults who thwart that purpose.
We will utilize fully our professional skills in striving to obtain for each child the permanence of a family life.
We will obtain or provide for children who are physically or mentally ill the best therapeutic care available to us.
We will provide every opportunity for children to learn and develop whatever talents they may possess.
We will accord children in our care full respsect as individuals, the full rights guaranteed all citizens of the United States, while teaching them to respect the rights of others.
We will respect the uniqueness of each child's race, culture and religion while attempting to instill a sense of self-worth, individuality, and the responsibilities as well as the privileges of citizenship.
We will nurture in each child the spiritual ethic appropriate to his background and religious heritage
We will serve only those children for whom our service is appropriate and will plan carefully and realistically with, and for each child and, when available, with the family of each child.
We will strive to enhance the talents, techniques and compassion of adults in our employ.
We will use our knowledge and influence, as advocates for children, to improve social conditions and develop resources beneficial to children to the strengthening of American family life.
We will review constantly our services for relevance and effectiveness and shall strive to provide soceity and the community with child care services appropriate to their needs.
We will represent our services and intentions honestly and openly.

Copyright 1976 by NAHC
Reproduced with permission of
Alliance for Families & Children

Formally endorsed and Adopted by
LCYDC Board of Directors, October 2002