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Educational Services


The Educational Services Department operated fives classroom divisions on its main campus:

  1. Voyages Classrooms

  2. Detention Classroom

  3. Passages Classroom

  4. Chanticleer Classrooms Day School (CDS)

  5. Exploratory Class

All Educational Services programs operate under the auspices of the agency's Chanticleer Learning Center (CLC). The CLC offers a group of state-of-the-art comprehensive educational facilities designed to engage 21st Century learners. CLC's mission statement is “Awakening A Yearning For Learning To Last A Lifetime." Our school spirit is displayed by the presence of “The Wryly Rooster, Chanticleer, as our mascot and student contributions to the monthly newsletter, “Rooster’s Den.” Our learning center is Cognia accredited. 

The Educational Services Department is led by a master's level professional with extensive human management experience. Each CLC student receives individualized instruction from state certified teachers and staff aides. Teachers and support staff follow the Alabama State Course of Study in Math, Reading, Language, Social Studies and Science to ensure that students are exposed to challenging content and are measuring themselves against state-mandated performance standards. To further ensure academic rigor, the Edmentum Learning System is used. Edmentum offers a rigorous web-based learning opportunity which often leads to credit recovery for at-risk students. Although LCYDC is not an official testing site for the administration of the GED, students are provided instruction utilizing GED and pre-GED materials and software. Students demonstrating proficiency are given the opportunity to test for the GED at local GED testing sites. 

Employment skills, as well as independent living skills, are integrated into the core curriculum. A Structured Physical Education Curriculum is provided through contracted services with Auburn University’s Department of Kinesiology. In addition, a comprehensive art program is provided to most students on agency premises. 

At intake, students in most classroom divisions are administered a pre-test in the areas of Math, Reading and Language Arts for diagnostic and placement purposes. Students who score two or more grade levels below their peers in any subject receive remediation in those areas. Remediation is conducted using a direct systematic approach with emphasis on procedures to expedite the student’s progress toward age-appropriate grade level. Emphasis in remediation is placed on the acceleration of students through mastery of deficient skills so that grade level content can be successfully presented as soon as possible. 

When deemed necessary, students in both short- and long-term programs are administered the Wechsler Individual Achievement Test II or the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children or the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale to determine academic potential and to identify areas of cognitive strength or weakness. In addition, students in the program receive a comprehensive educational evaluation that includes recommendations for the student’s academic and behavioral progress in the academic setting. All special education students receive specialized instruction as per their Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) and LCYDC is monitored regularly by the State Department of Education. Professional Development is maintained through close partnership with local public-school systems as well as state and regional training and development opportunities. For information regarding transcripts or other inquiries, please contact the CLC registrar or CLC Operations Manager. 

CLC Registrar
Ms. Kyla Pettway
(334) 203-1268

CLC Operations Manager
Ms. Tranesia Brown
(334) 203-1097


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