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Leadership Team

Lee County Youth Development Center’s Senior Leadership Team features an eclectic mix of individuals with an array of specialized soft and professional skill sets.

This team includes an Executive Director who is appointed by the LCYDC Board of Directors. The Executive Director employs the Deputy Director as well as the Coordinator of Finances and the Coordinator of Human and Employment Services. Then there are various Program Coordinators, Operations Managers and Team Leaders who all work collectively to meet the current and emerging needs of those whom this great agency have been called to serve.

Regardless of rank or the position held – Senior Leader, Middle Manager, Direct Care Professional – all LCYDC positions are empowered to continually make decisions which align with our mission, our core values and are in the very best interests of persons served.


For more information concerning LCYDC's Leadership Team members and our philosophy, contact our Executive Director.

Wendy Birmingham Deputy Director

Cora McGriff
Employment and Human Resources


Calandra Harris
Fiscal and Financial Resources


Laura Cooper Executive Director


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