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Residential Services


East Alabama Regional Detention

The East Alabama Regional Detention Center is a safe and secure juvenile detention facility that provides services to 10 surrounding counties. The Detention Center serves the following counties: Bullock, Chambers, Clay, Coosa, Lee, Macon, Pike, Randolph, Russell, and Tallapoosa. The Regional Detention Facility provides a safe, healthy, and caring environment for juveniles temporarily housed under the order of the Juvenile Court System. The Detention Center complies with all DYS and ACA licensing standards, Council on Accreditation (COA) Standards, and Federal Statute: Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) National Standards. Well-trained care providers are vital to our mission to provide a secure, safe, healthy, and caring environment. Regional Detention employs three of the seven instructors certified to teach Non-violent Crisis Intervention (NCI). The East Alabama Detention Center Team plays a vital role in the agency’s continuum of care framework.

Transitional Living Program (TLP)

TLP is a home for older teens needing permanency and stability serving a co-ed population of up to 14 adolescents ages 16 through 19. Referrals accepted statewide from DHR and Juvenile Court with length of stay ranging from several months to several years. TLP Provides nurturance and support in a homelike environment with a goal of helping youth to live self-sufficiently post-care. Strong emphasis on independent living skills including employment, money management and community integration.

Independent Living Program (ILP)

Serves a co-ed population of up to four young adults in apartment living arrangements.

SAFE Space

Just as the name implies, the agency’s Safe Space facility was built especially for the needs of adolescents needing a space that is safe. Children in our care who have been determined to pose an imminent risk of danger or harm to themselves, to others or to property can be safely served and continually monitored and assessed in Safe Space. Clients are provided post crisis follow-up care in less restrictive environments.


The facilities, grounds, equipment and auto fleet owned by the agency require continual attention, repair and maintenance. The agency’s Maintenance Department strives to assist department heads and direct-care staff in establishing and maintaining environments that are inviting and safe for children, families, visitors and employees.

The agency’s Security and Surveillance Department works to ensure year-round safety on the agency’s main campus during late night and early morning hours.

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

Lee County Youth Development Center is working to become PREA accredited. To view information regarding the Prison Rape Elimination Act, click here. Click here to view our PREA Fact Sheet.

The agency’s Security and Surveillance Department works to ensure year-round safety on the agency’s main campus during late night and early morning hours.

To download a form for reporting Sexual Abuse or Sexual Misconduct, click here.

PREA Results
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A moderate residential treatment program, serving up to 34 at-risk male and female pre-teen and teen aged children. Working in partnership with State and County Departments of Human Resources, this program strives to address core underlying factors preventing these young people from progressing.


An Intensive (psych under 21) Residential Treatment Facility serving up to forty-three high-risk male and female teens and young adults. Through partnership with State and County Department of Human Resources, this service strives to address the psychological, social and emotional issues leading to placement. Emphasis is placed on treating the whole child in concert with family, caregivers, and others who will be critical in our client's lives post-care.


The Voyages program is a 42 day Community Residential Program for young women who have been court ordered or committed to the Department of Youth Services (DYS). The Program is licensed by DYS to serve eight (8) girls. The premise of the program is to provide a warm and inviting residential setting for teens in need of structure and discipline. The Voyages Program promotes the philosophy that a safe and predictable environment fosters a sense of belonging and opportunity for change.

Central Cafeteria

Centrally located at the heart of main campus, the agency’s Central Cafeteria operations meets standards set forth by the State Department of Public Health, as well as the Federal Child Nutrition program administered through the State of Alabama Department of Education. The cafeteria prepares more than three hundred meals each day year-round. After school and evening snacks as well as special dietary menus for youth with identified health issues are also provided.

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