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Retirement Enrollment Instructions

Your retirement website is a convenient tool that allows you to enroll in your retirement plan easily manage your account.

The benefits of online enrollment are clear:

  • Provides ease of use with a user-friendly format and navigation

  • Enables you to enroll when it is convenient for you

  • Tracks progress if you need to complete enrollment over multiple visits

  • Allows you to make informed decisions with east access to plan highlights, fund information, and election options


How to register and access the participant website for the first time

Go to

Select "Get Started" on the homepage where it says "Set Up Your Online Account"

Then follow these simple steps to sign up for account access

1. Enter your SSN, date of birth, and zip code

2. Create a valid Web User ID 8-15 characters long, consisting of letters and numbers only

3. Choose a security question from the options provided and supply the answer

4. Enter your email address

5. Select a security image and enter a security phrase. This will help protect you and your personal information

6. Create a secure and unique password 8-25 characters long. For security purposes, your password must contain three of the following:

- Upper case letter

- Lower case letter

- Number

- Symbol

7. Click "Submit." A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided in step 4.

How to enroll in your company's retirement plan

When you log in to the participant website you will be able to enroll in your plan. As you finish each step, "Status" will change from "Not Complete" to "Completed." To begin, click "Start Enrollment."

1. Review plan highlights

2. Set your deferral rate

3. Select your investment options

4. Complete your beneficiary form in the booklet or online as available for your plan

5. Review your summary confirmation and click the "Continue Enrollment" button to complete online enrollment

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